Livingroom Inspiration: Rustic Stump Tables, Modern Glass Trestle Table & Animal Skin Rugs

Rustic Inspired Living room with natural stump, glass table, and striped pillows

 This amazing living room is owned by Ballard Designs’ creative director Jill Sharp Brinson and her photographer husband, Rob Brinson in Atlanta.  I love the way she mixes the rustic with the modern into a cohesive whole.  My favorite elements in this room are the wooden stump end tables that look plucked straight out of the forest and the amazing hand hewed beam above her couch.  

When trying to recreate a room like this, you may not have the luxury of decorating with gorgeous wooden beams but you can bring nature inside with furniture and accessories. Stump furniture is a hot trend these days. Couple that with a modern glass end or dining room table and you’ve got a beautiful combination. Don’t stop there, make sure your accessories compliment each other. In Jill’s room, the glass table is mirrored by the hurricane candle holders while the animal hide rug ties in the natural elements.

Rustic Stump Tables

There is something magical about having a tree  in your living space.  Especially when that tree looks like it just got cut by a lumberjack and sits next to a sleek modern piece of furniture. Finding these tables were challenging because they are called various names such as stump tables, tree trunk tables and even log tables.  There were many DIY tutorials available but fewer online sellers.

Eastwood Stump Table - Log TableGorgeous Eastwood Hardwood Log Table designed for lasting beauty. The style of this log will go in either a rustic or contemporary room.

Height: 20 1/4″ high 

Cost: $456.91 at


Buckley Stump Table - Rustic Log End TableBuckley Forest rustic stump stool, a hand waxed log that with natural charm and grace.

Dimensions: 18″h x ~16″diam

Costs: 698.00 at



Etsy Showcase - Stump table with carved initialsEtsy Showcase: I love this tree trunk table with custom carved lettering. This would make an amazing wedding present. Not to mention it is more affordable.

Dimensions: 17-20″ high

Cost: $185 at

DIY Stump Table Tutorials

Stump tables tend to be on the pricey side. For those of you that would rather use your sweat equity to design your room, here are two great tutorials to explore. The photos take you the tutorial.

  DIY rustic stump table DIY Tree Truck Table with Legs

Glass Trestle Dining Room or Modern Glass End Tables

I have to admit, I’ve never been a fan of glass tables. To me they look sterile and harsh. I worry about them breaking or fear the fingerprints that will eventually need cleaned. Yet, in Jill Sharp Brinson’s home, her dining room table looks stunning and fits perfectly. In our inspiration photo, you can’t see that the dining room table is a glass trestle table with adjustable metal saw horse legs. Surprisingly, I love the look and feel of this combination. I couldn’t find this exact table but I did find a few alternatives and one pseudo diy tutorial.

Modern glass table with rosewood and metal legs

Bellini Modern Living – Glass Trestle Table with metal legs and rosewood accents.

Dimensions: 39 x 71 x 30 inches: 

Cost:  $1,748.00 at



Bellini Modern Living – black glass trestle table with contemporary metal legs.

Dimensions: 39 x 79 x 30 inches

Cost: $1,984.00 at


Note: It’s driving me crazy that there aren’t more diy tutorials on how to build a modern glass trestle table. I will be in search of adjustable metal saw horses and glass table tops to create my own. 

Modern Glass End Tables

Modern glass end tableStunning contemporary glass end table with black base and beautiful silver curved legs that mimic nature.

Dimensions: 19″ x 50″ x 19″

Cost: $263.57 at

 The rugged base on this glass end table  gives it strong & sturdy feel that would blend nicely with natural elements such as stump tables and bear rugs.

Cost: $199.00 at


A glass coffee table with a curved wooden base will bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your living room.

Cost: $278 at


Animal Skin Rugs: Friend or Faux

Let’s face it animal skin rugs are not on everyone’s wishlist. However, for the right person they do add natural style and charm. Below I added two possible rugs for our inspiration room.

Light Brown and White Cow Hide Rug

Palomino light brown and white cow hide rug.

Dimensions: vary

Cost: $199.95 at


faux bear skin rug

Faux grizzly bear skin rug. The perfect rug for those people that want the look and feel of an animal rug but not the real animal in their home.

Dimensions: 39.5″ x 55″

Cost: $109.00 at