Rustic Driftwood Art: Sunburst Mirrors, Hearts, Tables & Lamps


driftwood-heart I live in Maine about 2 miles from the beach where my family spends many days in the sand collecting driftwood, sea glass, shells and other treasures. What I love is that even after you remove something from the beach, it still holds the magic of the ocean. Something, I love to feel in my home.

Recently, I was inspired by this amazing driftwood heart that I pinned on Pinterest. It’s beautiful, contemporary and rustic all at the same time.

Although, I have a rather large driftwood collection, I don’t have enough to create a piece of art this size. So I went to Amazon in search of driftwood home decor. Here are a few of my finds:

Driftwood Sunburst Mirror

A stunning driftwood sunburst mirror will bring sunshine to the darkest corner of your home.

Driftwood Glass End Table

Bring the ocean to your living room with this gorgeous driftwood glass end table.

Modern Driftwood Lamp

This modern driftwood lamp balances the rustic wood with a sleek square linen lampshade. It would make a gorgeous addition to any home. I can see this in my office. .


Driftwood Sphere Lamp

This impressive driftwood sphere lamp looks like it defies the laws of physics and is guaranteed to make a statement in your home.


Driftwood Seahorse Sculpture

As much as I love the above lamp, this driftwood seahorse sculpture is delightful and affordable.


Rustic Driftwood Heart

I’m in love with this rustic driftwood heart.  It’s calling out to be the center of attention and would love to be seated in a place of glory in your home. I will have one of these soon.


Who knew that Amazon had such an amazing selection of driftwood home decor?  I am impressed with many of these artists.

Please Note: The above links all go to Amazon, however, I am not in the Amazon affiliate program since I live in Maine. I will not receive a commission if you purchase something.