If you haven’t heard of, you may want to take a gander over to their website to check it out. It’s basically an online visual bookmarking site but I like to think of it as a living and breathing vision board.

Using Pinterest is easy!

  1. First you need to join which is often the most difficult part because you need to wait or get a referral. If you need a referral, feel free to add a comment to my Need a Pinterest Invite? blog post and I’ll send one your way.
  2. Follow your friends & start pinning.
  3. Use boards to organize your pins.
  4. Add the pin it booklet to your Firefox web browser to make pinning easy. Don’t have Firefox, consider making the switch it’s a great browser. To install to IE browsers, right click on the blue pin it button from the Goodies page and click save to Favorites. For both Firefox and IE make sure your bookmarks or favorite toolbar is visible so you can see the pin it booklet.
  5. Don’t forget to pin directly to the original source. For example, when you pin a blog post, make sure you are pinning the actual post not the main page of the website so that your followers can find the same post you did. If you pin the main website, your followers will need to search the site to find the item you pinned – not fun.
Sample Pinterest Board

For the Boys Pinterest Board

What makes Pinterest Special?

One of the great things about Pinterest is that there are lots of people pinning really cool things. As you start pinning, you’ll find people that have similar interest. When you find those people, follow them so you can see their pins. When you follow people, you’ll automatically see their pins when you login. Then you can repin the pins you love to your boards.

Another way to use Pinterest is to surf the web and pin your favorite websites. This is fantastic for people that are planning to redecorate their home, looking for gifts for family members, or for those who simply want a visual view of their bookmarks. I know for me, I can quickly find items I want to share with friends and family by browsing my boards.

It’s all about Sharing!

As you find things you love and pin them, don’t forget to share them with you friends. Pinterest offers four ways to get your finds out to the world at large by sharing via  Facebook, Twitter, your website and email.

Have Fun