Etsy Showcase: Rustic Easter – Psyanky, Silk Dyed Egg Kits, Robin Egg Apothecary


I love Easter. For me, it’s a holiday that brings back fond memories from my childhood. Our family is Eastern European so every year we made Psyanky or Ukrainian Easter eggs.  As kids, we loved trying to blow the insides, or snot as we liked to call it,  out of the eggs.  Typically, we just blew so hard we got headaches or cracked the shells before we could use them. But that never stopped our love for the holiday. Easter meant, hearty rustic baskets filled with beautiful eggs and good food that our priest would bless. For us, It was never just about the baskets filled with candy but the celebration of love that we shared together as a family. This collection of rustic Easter finds brings back all those memories for me. I hope you enjoy these rustic finds.

1. Psyanky – Ukrainian Easter Eggs

If you haven’t figured it out yet.  I love, love, love pysanky and dream of being as good as these artists. Until I am, I’m going to live vicariously through others and buy 1 pysanky a year until I amass the collection I’ve always dreamed of. This years pick is red poppy by LittleThingsForYou.

Ukranian Easter Egg Red Popp

Red Poppy Ukranian Easter Egg by LittleThingsForYou

 2. Easter Egg Filled Wreath

This gorgeous wreath is so filled to the brim with cute little Easter eggs, it’s bound to bring smiles to all your guests faces as they enter your home for the holiday season.

Easter Egg filled Wreath

Easter Egg filled Wreath by EverBloomingOriginal


3. Silk Dyed Easter Egg Kit

These eggs are so different from pysanky but I love them. There is something beautiful about the rustic look of silk dyed Easter eggs.  What’s more, you’ll love the simplicity of this fun and mess free egg decorating method. It is truly life changing. Get a sneak peak of this technique over at Martha Stewart’s.

Silk Dyed Easter Egg Kit

Silk Dyed Easter Egg Kit by thejunebride


4. Rustic Easter Basket with Shells & Sea Glass

Get more bang for your buck with this stunning rustic basket filled with shells and sea glass.  This basket is amazing. I love it’s rustic charm. Can’t you just see it bursting with silk dyed or Ukrainian Easter eggs? Love!

Rustic basket with shells and sea glass

Rustic basket with shells & sea glass by patsytroxell


5. Reclaimed Barn Wood Basket

 Trade your store bought mass manufactured basket and replace it with this super rustic reclaimed barn wood basket. It would look wonderful filled with Easter decorations. But don’t put it away after the holidays, fill it and keep it around to admire all year round.


rustic reclaimed barnwood basket

Rustic reclaimed barnwood basket by appalachianpottery


6. Robin Egg Soap Apothecary

These lovely robin egg soap  are so lifelike, their bound to trick your family and friends. Display them at Easter or all year round. When their gone, fill the apothecary with cotton balls until you refresh your egg supply.

robin egg soap apothecary jar

Robin egg soap apothecary jar by TheBowerStudio


7. Rustic Woven Burlap Ribbon

Wow this 6″ rustic woven ribbon would look amazing wrapped around the handle of a reclaimed barn wood basket or as a layer under your egg showcase.  It’s perfect color and extra wide shape lend it to many uses for Easter or any time of  year.

Rustic Woven Burlap Ribbon

Rustic Woven Burlap Ribbon by GoRustic


8. Birch Basket with Dried Roses, Lavender & Pussy Willows

Pussy willows have strong symbolism for many Eastern Europeans at Easter time, myself included. It just wouldn’t be Easter without a vase of pussy willows in the house. This Easter, I am breaking tradition a bit by displaying a dried flower arrangement with pussy willows as an accent.  ChicksandSticks offers a beautiful arrangement of dried roses, lavender and pussy willows in a rustic birch basket, for $12.50 this is a steal.

Birch basket with dried roses, lavender, and pussy willows