Etsy Showcase: Industrial, Rustic, & Reclaimed Finds for Wine Lovers

Ash Basket with Wine from Black Ash Pack Basket

Gorgeous basket that I use as a wine carrier from

Oh, how I love wine. It hasn’t always been that way though. Up until several years ago, I couldn’t drink wine without puckering my face like I just ate a lemon; even the sweet wines tasted bad to me. But I preserved because although I didn’t like the taste, I was smitten with the look: the gorgeous glass bottles with stunning labels, the sleek glasses, and the shimmering liquid dancing in the light. Oh, the beauty of a glass of wine. I dreamed of being a wine drinker and today finally I am.

Which is amazing since wine is  a health food. Yes, at least that’s what the science is claiming. According to Food & Wine, these medical studies show that wine:

  • promotes longevity
  • reduces heart-attack risk
  • reduces risk of Type 2 diabetes
  • lowers risk of stroke
  • cuts risk of cataracts
  • cuts risk of colon cancer
  • slows brain decline

What great news, and to celebrate, here is an assortment of beautiful rustic, reclaimed wood and industrial wine finds from Etsy.

Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack

If you love rustic home decor and wine, then you will love this gorgeous reclaimed wood wine rack. It is able to hold 9 bottles of wine, and an assortment of wine glasses. The top shelf can be used to display more wine, family photos, knick knacks, or whatever the heck you want. I can totally see this made out of a pallet.

Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack by JNM Rustic Designs

Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack by JNM Rustic Designs

Hand-painted Reclaimed Wood WINE Sign

This reclaimed wood sign is so fun and perfect for a wine drinker. It says “Dear cupid forget the man just send the wine.” Can you relate? I can. :0

Sweet wine inspired sign by Skrappie Happy on Etsy

Sweet wine inspired sign by Skrappie Happy

Industrial Metal Spherical Wine Rack

I’ve never seen anything like this beautiful spherical wine rack. It’s stunning to say the least and it’s going on my must have list.

Modern & Industrial Wine Rack

Industrial wine rack by SturlesiDesigns

Industrial Orb Chandelier from Wine Barrel Rings

I am in love with this amazing spherical chandelier made from wine barrel rings, who knew they even had these. This light is so gorgeous and reminds me of a Genesa Crystal which is a sacred geometry symbol believed to cleanse and heal the energy fields. With this beauty, you can have your genesa crystal and stunning chandelier all in one. That’s what I call a win – win situation. Sign me up.

Shperical Industrial Wine Barrel Chandelier

Reclaimed Wood Wine Bar

Not sure why I torture myself on Etsy because I love everything I see, especially this amazing reclaimed wood table with built in wine rack. They call it a wine bar but I call it gorgeous.


Bath & Wine Shelf

What’s not to love about a lovely reclaimed wood shelf with built in candle holders? Calgon take me away.



If you got this far, you are loving these Etsy finds as much as I am. Do yourself a favor, head over to Etsy and search for “Reclaimed Wood Wine”. Better yet, simply click this link and you’ll get there without typing a word. Enjoy and come back and tell us if you find something you love!