DIY Heart Rock Drawer Pulls – Stone Cabinet Knob Tutorial

Heart Rock Cove Ogunquit

Heart Rock Cove, a private beach in Ogunquit, Maine

We are so lucky that we live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth and have access to an amazing private beach in Ogunquit, Maine. We call it Heart Rock Cove because it’s a heart rock haven. Heart rocks are one of those things you either find or have someone find for you but everyone loves. I’ve been collecting them for years and showcase them in my home as often as possible. You’ll find them tucked away in all corners of our house on window sills or just laying around waiting to be picked up. My favorite way to showcase heart rocks is on furniture as drawer pulls. Today, I will show you how I make my heart rock cabinet knobs.

With the right ingredients making homemade stone cabinet knobs or drawer pulls is super easy. You’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing this for all your furniture. All you need is love

What you need to make heart stone cabinet knobs

  • Heart Rocks  (Gem stones or other rocks work great too)
  • Connector Caps (also known as Cap Nuts)
  • Connector Bolts – 1 1/8″
  • Epoxy Glue or Gorilla Glue (I use Epoxy because GG bubbles too much for my liking)
  • 80-120 grit sandpaper
Connector Caps & Bolts

Connector Caps & Bolts

When we first started making these we used to cut off the tops of wooden drawer pulls and glue them on our rocks. This wasn’t a bad idea because you got all the parts you needed cheap. Yet cutting the wood pulls was a pain in the you know what.  Since then, we’ve become more sophisticated and use cap nuts instead of wooden drawer pulls. Here is a close up of the connector caps and bolts I use.  If you can’t find these at your local hardware store, you can buy them online (see links at end of post)

Putting Your Heart Rock Cabinet Knobs Together

  1. Sand bottom of rock and top of nut cap Prepare surface of rock & connector cap
  2. Mix epoxy according to directions
  3. Put small amount of epoxy on top of connector cap and place on sanded area of the rock. I just dip my cap into the epoxy and make sure it has a nice covering (not to much but not to little.) Putting the glue on the connector cap
  4. Press the cap onto the heart rock centering the cap on the back of the rock. place the cap on the heart rock
  5. Heart rocks can get off balance so you need to do a balance test by turning over the rock and sitting on  the connector cap.  While your glue is wet, maneuver the cap to the perfect position. Heart rock balance balance test
  6. Let the epoxy dry about 15 minutes. Be sure to put your little darlings in a safe spot away from curious kids, animals and compulsive cleaners. Heart rock knobs drying
  7. Once dry, attach your drawer pull like you would any other drawer pull. If you find there is too much space between the stone and the drawer or cabinet you have three options; use a shorter connector bolt, cut off the end of the bolt, or add washers to the take up the space.

finished heart rock knobs & drawer pulls

As you can see, this is one of the easiest ways to get custom drawer pulls or cabinet knobs for your furniture or cupboards. What I love about this technique is you can use it to put almost anything on a cap nut and call it a drawer knob. I envision vintage hot rod cars for my son’s dresser, halved golf balls for the in-laws, sexy wood burls, sea glass or sea shells knobs. With your own creativity and ingenuity, the sky is the limit.

Where to Get What You Need!

Your local hardware store should have connector bolts & caps. They call them different things so my suggestion is to take a picture of what you want with you. That’s how I had to find mine because our store didn’t call them cap nuts.

Links to buy Connectors at Amazon:

Cap Nuts (this is not an affiliate link)

Connector Bolts, 1-1/8” 8 pack

Heart Rocks & Gemstones:

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