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How to Make Greek Yogurt Better than Fage without a Thermometer

My family loves yogurt. It used to be plain yogurt which I made by the gallon but then it morphed into a love affair with Greek yogurt. I’ve made it with 2%, whole milk, and even a super fatty whole milk and cream version which was beyond this world. Though most days, it’s just plain ol’whole milk greek yogurt that we eat.

Personally, I hate most of the fat free, low fat Greek yogurts on the market like Choboni and Dannon Oikos. To me, they taste horrible and I have no idea how anyone can eat them. You’d have to hold me at gun point just to take a spoonful, they are so hideous to my taste buds. My mind is blown over our countries love affair with them. Yuck!

The only brand that I can stomach is Fage. Their whole milk greek yogurt is creamy and delicious the way I imagined yogurt should be. It’s also expensive and hard to find unless you want 0% fat which is why I became obsessed with making my own creamy, dreamy, better than Fage, greek yogurt.

To be honest, my first attempts at making Greek yogurt weren’t really that successful. In fact, the yogurt tasted off, not creamy and dreamy the way that Fage did. What I learned is this:

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Wild Venison Skillet Stew – Game Recipe

yummy dish of venison stew

Thanks to our friends, we turned a lovely Venison roast into this amazingly delightful stew. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure what to do with an entire deer roast. One of us wanted Venison Chili, another wanted a traditional roast, while the rest of us wanted Venison Stew.

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