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Esty Showcase: Rustic Wine Finds – Part II

Following the coat tails of Rustic Wine Finds I, we are happy to share Rustic Wine Finds II.

What can be better than rustic wood paired with wine? {{Insert Silence Here}} –>Nothing, that’s right, NOTHING! I absolutely love this assortment of finds better than brie covered with Jalapeno Jelly and Chardonnay which is to die for. And even more than my favorite Wild Venison Stew with Cabernet Sauvignon. Yes, this selection of rustic wine holders, wine barrel hearts, wine bottle chandeliers, and wine stoppers tops the charts. Go ahead scroll down to see them and don’t forget we saved the best, most colorful, delightful and affordable pick for last

Reclaimed Wood Wine Storage Rack

Just say yes to this fun wine rack made from reclaimed wood and industrial screws. It’s so simple yet so dang cute. I think I’m buying two.


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Etsy Showcase: Industrial, Rustic, & Reclaimed Finds for Wine Lovers

Ash Basket with Wine from Black Ash Pack Basket

Gorgeous basket that I use as a wine carrier from

Oh, how I love wine. It hasn’t always been that way though. Up until several years ago, I couldn’t drink wine without puckering my face like I just ate a lemon; even the sweet wines tasted bad to me. But I preserved because although I didn’t like the taste, I was smitten with the look: the gorgeous glass bottles with stunning labels, the sleek glasses, and the shimmering liquid dancing in the light. Oh, the beauty of a glass of wine. I dreamed of being a wine drinker and today finally I am.

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Etsy Showcase: Rustic Easter – Psyanky, Silk Dyed Egg Kits, Robin Egg Apothecary

Ukranian Easter Egg Red Popp

I love Easter. For me, it’s a holiday that brings back fond memories from my childhood. Our family is Eastern European so every year we made Psyanky or Ukrainian Easter eggs.  As kids, we loved trying to blow the insides, or snot as we liked to call it,  out of the eggs.  Typically, we just blew so hard we got headaches or cracked the shells before we could use them. But that never stopped our love for the holiday. Easter meant, hearty rustic baskets filled with beautiful eggs and good food that our priest would bless. For us, It was never just about the baskets filled with candy but the celebration of love that we shared together as a family. This collection of rustic Easter finds brings back all those memories for me. I hope you enjoy these rustic finds.

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Esty Showcase: Vintage Spoons, Driftwood Hearts & Anti Valentines Day Cards

Valentine’s day is a great holiday to visit Etsy. The stores are overflowing with gorgeous handcrafted cards and gifts that you can’t find anywhere else. With all these options to choose from, it’s hard to find the diamonds in the rough. Below are a few of my favorites.

Vintage Valentine Spoon Plant Markers

Looking for a way to say I Love You to your favorite gardener. This one of kind set of 3 vintage Valentine spoon plant markers is sure to delight the one you love.

Vintage Valentine Spoon Plant Marker

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10 Valentine Gifts for Women Who Love Rustic Home Decor

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, women get tired of the same gift every year. Sometimes, we crave something different. Something that says “Wow, you know me so well!” Below are 10 Valentine Gift ideas for women who love rustic home decor. Because Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, our gift ideas are designed to show her how much you love her all year long.

1) Rustic Driftwood Heart

Driftwood Heart Wall Art

Remind her everyday how much you love her with this stunning driftwood heart.



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