My Rustic House is a Pinterest.com inspired rustic home decor website. It is the brain child of Candi Huber who spends her spare time searching the web for inspiring projects to transform her home.

During her process of creating vision boards for her dream home, Candi found and fell in love with the visual bookmarking process known as Pinterest.  For Candi, visual bookmarking is like creating an online vision board with a twist. You not only get photos that inspire you, you also get links to more information.

Even with all the Pinterest love, Candi felt some of her pins were lacking depth. Many times, a great pin is simply a photo of something amazing but there isn’t any additional information on:

  • How do you do that?
  • Where did they get that?
  • Who sells it?
  • Who made it?
  • Can I buy it?
  • Can I make it?
  • Is there a tutorial?

Inspired to find answers, Candi realized that other people may be looking for the Who? How? What? like she was and started My Rustic House as a way to take her Pins to the next level by filling in the missing pieces on how to achieve the look of a pin.

This blog is a way for Candi to keep track of her findings so in the future when she is ready to buy or make an item for her rustic house, she knows exactly where to find it and how to make it.  In her search for finding where to buy items, she is often surprised by the vast offerings on Amazon.com and often starts her search there showcasing many artisans and companies selling products for her inspiration rooms. Other amazing artists on Etsy and throughout the world are also showcased.

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