10 Valentine Gifts for Women Who Love Rustic Home Decor


When it comes to Valentine’s Day, women get tired of the same gift every year. Sometimes, we crave something different. Something that says “Wow, you know me so well!” Below are 10 Valentine Gift ideas for women who love rustic home decor. Because Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, our gift ideas are designed to show her how much you love her all year long.

1) Rustic Driftwood Heart

Driftwood Heart Wall Art

Remind her everyday how much you love her with this stunning driftwood heart.



2.  Heart Shaped Waffle Iron

  Red heart waffle iron

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Now, you can get her a heart shaped waffle iron that she’ll love and you’ll reap the benefits long after Valentine’s day is over.


3. Kitchen Aid Pro Mixer

Red Kitchen Aid Mixer for Valentines Day

When you give her a Pro Kitchen Aid mixer, you are giving a gift that she will always cherish. Next year at this time, she’ll be whipping you up your favorite meal with her most cherish kitchen appliance.


4. Hand Turned Maple Burl Bowl

Maple Burl Bowl

She’ll love this hand turned maple burl bowl. Fill it with chocolate hearts to make an even bigger impact.


5. Granite Gel Fire Bowl

Ecoflame Sandstone Granite Gel Candle

This Valentine’s Day, let romance take center stage with a Granite Gel Fire Bowl. Instead of taking her out, let her gift be the center piece of a enchanted dinner planned by you. She won’t mind if you buy take out as long as you dim the lights and use a beautiful table cloth.


6. Romantic Spiral & Heart Wine Rack

Metal Wine Rack with Heart Leaves Bottle Holder

If she loves wine, she’ll love this romantic wine rack with spirals and heart shaped leaves. Fill it with her favorite bottles of wine to set the mood for a perfect evening.


7. Hand Carved Maple Kitchen Utensils

Maple Utensil Set

For the woman that loves to cook, nothing says I love you better than a rustic hand carved utensil set.


8. Rustic Log Table

Eastwood rustic-log table

Get her this rustic log table and she’ll think you’ve been browsing her favorite home decor magazines to find her the perfect gift.  Add a touch of romance by carving your initials in it.


9. Rustic Wooden Storage Trunks

Dark rustic wooden trunks Women love creative places to hide things. Give her these wooden storage trunks to store her keepsakes. Paint a heart inside and add your initials to give her a valentine she’ll remember forever.


10. Le Creuset Heart Shaped Enameled Cast Iron Casserole Dish

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Casserole Every rustic home needs cast iron cookware. This Valentine’s day make her heart a Le Creuset heart shaped cast iron casserole dish. Make sure to give it to her in the morning so she can whip you up a romantic dinner later in the day.